This presentation at the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Arts and Culture annual Library, Archives, Museum, and Language services conference:  Celebrating the African Footprint in 20 years of Freedom, at the ICC in Durban, is all about understanding risks related to records management and putting steps in place to mitigate the risks.  


Download the presentation: Records_Risk_Mitigation_-_Paul_Mullon_-_November_2014.pdf

In this presentation, 10 steps (10 P's of POPI) are introduced as essential ingredients of meeting Protection of Personal Information (POPI) requirements.   As a privacy law, POPI relies heavily on sound information management principles.  The COR Concepts Integrated Information Governance model is also discussed, providing a framework for ensuring that POPI is not treated in isolation, and that it forms part of a cohesive approach to managing enterprise-wide information. 


Download the Protection of Personal Information and Information Governance presentation

This presentation forms a part of the COR Concepts Advanced Records Management training.  Information Governance has become a hot topic and COR Concepts is pleased to be at the forefront of developments in this emerging field.


View the Information Governance presentation


Records Management, Information Governance, Electronic Document and Records Management Systems, Records Management strategy.  These are some of the issues that the industry is grappling with.  View our latest industry presentations.  We enjoy interacting with members of the community, so please contact us if you want us to participate at one of your events.

The records manager of today cannot afford to sit in the basement, archives or registry and hope that all the records of the organisation will magically appear at their counter, just waiting to be declared and incorporated into the records system.   The creation of records is largely decentralised, hence the records manager needs to get out there, and engage with the organisation's staff.  This presentation discusses some of the "new" skills records managers need to acquire to remain relevant to the business.

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