The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) is an important focus area.  We have developed a comprehensive POPI implementation plan, detailing all the documents and other instruments that you'll need to implement POPI.  Note that we refer to POPI here, not POPIA as the Information Regulator prefers it to be called.  For more reasons on why we make that distinction, see our article on the differences between POPI and POPIA.

Because POPIA has such significant implications for South African organisations, we've created a completely new site, POPI Act Compliance which will continue to provide updates and implementation guidance.  View further information. on the POPI Act.

We were one of the first organisations world-wide to start talking about Information Governance or IG as it is now being known. 

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We provide a range of consulting services in all aspects of Information Governance, Enterprise Content Management and Records Management.  Starting from strategy development, we assist in creating roadmaps to implementation of policy, procedures, technologies and processes.

Information governance is becoming a business imperative.   Our focused approach ensures that all aspects of managing information are included, and we don't just focus on records management, or legal aspects of information.   Ensuring that documents are created in the right manner, and are stored in the appropriate systems with the necessary controls and security in place is critical.

Carefully planned and implemented electronic forms are one of the keys to reducing the flow of paper in the organisation.  Link forms to your business processes and ensure that the right information is captured by users as and when required.  Build rules into forms such that mistakes can be almost completely eliminated.

Sadly there are many examples of ECM implementations which haven't delivered on their promise, or that have failed horribly.  In most instances the fault doesn't lie with the technology, but with many other "soft" issues that are often forgotten. 

One of the major challenges with modern computer tools is the ease with which documents are created and shared.  This results in poorly utilised disk space, unnecessary back-up time and expense, difficulties in finding the right information, and most importantly increased risk to the organisation.

We assist with EDRMS and ECM strategy development through to identifying functional requirements and creating roadmaps to implementation. We provide governance and check-and-balance services throughout the...

Starting from records management strategies, file plan development and filing area audits and clean-ups, we can assist with the most complex or simple records management requirement...