Document Management

COR Concepts is a specialist Document Management Company.   We provide a range of consulting, training and implementation services to ensure that your documents are carefully and correctly managed.  Whether you have physical paper documents, electronic documents or a combination of the two, we can assist you to manage them more efficiently.

Many documents become records, but not all do.   We assist in identifying those documents and processes which generate records, and ensure that the documents are properly managed so that authentic records can be created and and managed.

Some of our document management services include:

  • Design of document and records management strategies
  • Generation of naming conventions to ensure that documents are stored consistently and can be found when needed.
  • Scanning and conversion of physical paper documents to electronic images
  • Guidance with selection, implementation and managing electronic document and records management systems
  • Document control training
  • Our teams of Document control professionals can manage all your documents in your project office  
  • Document management training
  • Management of document offices, and documents in project offices
  • Design of environmentally friendly document-centric processes
  • Manage all the documents in your next office move