Sadly there are many examples of ECM implementations which haven't delivered on their promise, or that have failed horribly.  In most instances the fault doesn't lie with the technology, but with many other "soft" issues that are often forgotten. 

Our rescue teams are skilled in identifying these issues, and work closely with your staff to implement processes, policies, change and communications techniques to ensure that the project is brought back on track and provides the value you expected in the first place.

Some of the aspects that we look at include:

  • The rationale for implementation in the first place (What was it that you were trying to achieve?)
  • What was the value that should have been delivered?  Was the expected benefit clearly defined and was a Return on Investment calculated?
  • Which component of ECM was needed?  Imaging? Document or Library services? Workflow? Collaboration?  Sometimes the tools are used incorrectly to try and deliver things they were never designed to do.
  • Was there buy-in from the people that count?  Not only the executive teams, but the people that need to use the systems on a daily basis.

A step-by-step resolution process

Based on our findings we implement steps to resolve the challenges we have discovered. 

  • Clearly defined benefits statements and understanding the potential return.
  • Powerful change and communications plans to ensure that the right people are involved at all critical stages.
  • Focused implementation teams, aimed at providing tangible, measurable benefits. 
  • Fast rollouts to keep momentum.

Our philosophy is that wherever possible we will keep the existing technology, and make it work.