Information governance is becoming a business imperative.   Our focused approach ensures that all aspects of managing information are included, and we don't just focus on records management, or legal aspects of information.   Ensuring that documents are created in the right manner, and are stored in the appropriate systems with the necessary controls and security in place is critical.


Our consultants will assist in designing Governance structures, policies and processes to make sure that information in all formats and locations is adequately managed from creation through to ultimate destruction or archival.

The COR Concepts Integrated Information Governance Framework

  • COR Concepts has developed a unique and comprehensive information Governance framework which looks beyond records management and IT Governance. This framework includes the following aspects:

Alignment of policies and procedures

 Governance Structures

 Alignment of Information to Corporate Governance

 Records Management Governance (Based on the Generally Accepted recordkeeping principles framework (GARP)


Freedom of Information, Access to Information



Master Data Management

IT Governance


Information Security

The Integrated Information Governance Framework

COR Concepts Information Governance Framework

Information Governance Audit 

Our Information Governance (IG) framework was developed to cater for potentially different perspectives on IG within an organisation. The framework was designed to be broad and integrated, comprising aspects of Records Management, IT Governance, Information Security and Information Risk. The Information Governance audit comprises interviews with the various domain owners who are responsible for various aspects of Information Governance.   The results are then analysed individually in addition to an aggregated score.

The Information Governance Audit is designed to provide an understanding of the level of maturity of each domain assessed. The maturity ratings used are:

Information Governance Maturity ratings

Level Status Description
1 Initial  Process unpredictable, poorly controlled and REACTIVE
2 Managed  Process characterised for projects and is MANAGEABLE
3 Defined Process characterised for the Organisation and is
4 Quantitatively Managed Process QUANTITATIVELY measured and controlled 
5 Optimizing  Focus on Continuous process Improvement