The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) is an important focus area.  We have developed a comprehensive POPI implementation plan, detailing all the documents and other instruments that you'll need to implement POPI.  Note that we refer to POPI here, not POPIA as the Information Regulator prefers it to be called.  For more reasons on why we make that distinction, see our article on the differences between POPI and POPIA.

Because POPIA has such significant implications for South African organisations, we've created a completely new site, POPI Act Compliance which will continue to provide updates and implementation guidance.  View further information. on the POPI Act.


How to become POPIA compliant?

We are often asked what is the best and quickest way to become compliant to POPIA?  We are seeing a few approaches at the moment:

  1. Wait until the POPIA Regualtions are finalised.
  2. Start doing preliminary research now, but still wait until the regulations are finalised
  3. Do comprehensive research now and start developing all the instruments.  Normally this entails attending workshops and seminarfs
  4. Employ consultants (or lawyers), or both to assist in getting the programme up and running
  5. Purchase a subscription which will keep you up-to-date
  6. Purchase a toolkit which generally contains lots of information but still leaves you wonderng what to do.
  7. Any combination of the above.

What we see with most of these approaches is that organisations still dont know quite where to start or what to do.  To help get the quickest results, weve developed our POPIA QUICKSTART programme.  We've identified all the instruments that need to be developed in the journey to compliance.

Include in this is a comprehensive project plan, which needs ot tailored to your specific state of readiness.

We've then created a first draft of all the instruments, which we tailor to your unique circumstances.  This gives you the first draft of everything you need, which speeds up your impementation by months.

Contact us to find out how you can become POPIA compliant in the fastest, most cost effective way.