Retention schedule development

Developing a records retention schedule is one of the key components of a compliant records management programme.  A properly designed schedule takes into account legal, compliance, evidentiary and business requirements for records retention.  Our records retention consulting process assists organisations to design and implement retention and destruction schedules and programmes.

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We will take you through the following records retention process:

Understand the regulatory, compliance and standards universe applicable to the organisation

Extract the minimum retention periods that apply

Determine whether records may need to be kept longer than the minimum legal period for:

  • Evidentiary reasons
  • Business reasons

Determine if there may be maximum retention periods required in terms of Privacy laws

Based on the above we will create and agree a retention schedule.  This needs to be signed off by all internal and external stakeholders.  We then create a records disposition programme with formal processes to ensure that records are correctly disposed at the appropriate time.

If required we will bring a team in and dispose of historical records which are no longer required, and create destruction certificates accordingly.

Most organisations keep too much information for too long.   Our records retention consulting process ensures that the right records are properly secured, and that records are formally destroyed once they no longer have value to the organisation.